2 Haikus and a Limerick Walked into a Bar

Somehow on twitter today, the theme came up of sending naughty DMs. Some worthy recipients complained they hadn't received any, and I hate seeing someone go without, so…

Daddy's little girl
Has been so naughty today
It is spanking time!

Gently creeping tongue
Traces cool lines up your thigh
Orgasms ahead!

and then there was the brat…

There was a young kinkster from Boston
In subspace she wished to get lost in
But her tone was so bratty
She couldn't find a Daddy
So she resorts to Grey Goose to get sauced in.

No, that last one really doesn't scan very well. Fortunately limerick standards aren't quite as formal as haikus.

The First Visit

I texted you from the airport. "Have rental car. On way. You know what to do." I sent nothing more.

The house was as you had described. The door unlocked, as you had been told. I put down my bags and walked towards the bedroom.

Your pictures hadn't done you justice. So beautiful, and yet so vulnerable. The air was warm, but I could see the goosebumps, see you shiver as you heard me move. You were naked, kneeling sideways on the bed, ass high,  blindfolded face flat against the bed, hands clasped over your head. Just as I had told you.

"Good girl."

You flinched at the sudden sound of my voice; heard for the first time.

I took a small length of rope from my pocket and bound your wrists together.

"Very good."

I brushed the hair from your face, bent over and hovered next to your clothbound eyes, letting you sense the closeness, hear my breath, feel your helplessness. A stranger in your house. Your body at my mercy.