About Coyote Too

One day Coyote was strolling through the desert, poking his nose into things the way he usually does. He came over a hill and there, in front of him, stood another Coyote.

"Hello," said Coyote. "Who are you?"

"I'm Coyote," said the other Coyote.

"You're not Coyote," said Coyote. "I'm Coyote!"

And so they argued back and forth, to no avail, until at last Coyote had an idea.

"Look over there," he said. "Do you see those two Navajo?"

"Sure," said the second Coyote.

"We'll let them decide this argument. I'm going to run by them and we'll see what they call me. Then you can run by them, and we'll see what they call you. That will prove which of us is the real Coyote."

So they agreed upon this, and Coyote ran by the two Navajo.

"Look," said the first Navajo. "There goes Coyote!"

A moment later, the second Coyote ran by them.

"And look," said the second Navajo, "there goes Another One!"

And so the argument was settled.

That's a true story. I learned it from my father, who learned it from one of the Dinè, the people we call Navajo. Another One was my brother, I'm Coyote Too.