She hadn't imagined the sound…

SensualStories runs a writing exercise on Twitter. People submit phrases (from fiction, or of their own), and anyone who wishes can pick one and incorporate it into a short piece of fiction. The pieces don't have to be erotic, although they often are. She collects them and posts them on her blog for people to comment on. It's a great way to spark your writing spirit.

This time around, I chose SensualStories' phrase submission, "She hadn't imagined the sound." There are several ways to interpret the phrase, and I have no idea which she intended; I changed my own interpretation several times while writing it.

She hadn't imagined the sound from the doorway behind her; so soft that it lingered on the edges of imagination. Chills lapped across her back and trailed down her arms. A warm spark lit at her groin, blossomed into fire, spread up and across her breasts. Just one soft sound, nearly imperceptible—the parting of lips in a blown kiss—and yet it changed her life forever. She breathed deep of the newfound strength it brought her, turned to face the doorway, and dropped the robe from her shoulders.