MfM - Games

The theme for this week's Microfantasy Monday is “Games”. It was inspired by something I saw during a lovely relaxing evening last night.

They say that Tic-Tac-Toe is a game that can't be won, once you understand it. I beg to differ.

The playing area was beautiful; smooth and slightly curved, with room for two games, one on either side of the delicate crevice between. The crosses had already been laid in place; long needles which wove in and out of sight to clearly delineate the area of play. In place of X's and O's, my competitor and I held short colored needles; his black, mine blue. I moved first.

I chose the corner, of course. The lower one, nearest the damp line between the game boards. A quick thrust, and my piece was in place.

The board quivered.