MfM - Skin

The theme for this week's Microfantasy Monday is "Skin". This post is inspired by the incredible hyperfocus I feel when I am playing. It isn't this analytical, in fact I can't recall any distinct thoughts at all, but it is pure concentration on creating sensation.

Heavy brush of flogger on thighs.

Opens, spreads.

Sliding touch of crop on breasts.

Quivers, goosebumps.

Loud thwack of flogger on thighs.

Flinches, reddens.

Soft touch of fur on calves.

Relaxes, loosens.

Loud snick of knife by ear.

Tenses, shivers.

Sharp line of knife point beneath nipple.

Tightens, freezes.

Quick snap of crop on pussy.

Jerks, thrusts.

Toys put away until next time.

Desire, frustration.