MfM - Lazy Morning

The theme for this week's Microfantasy Monday is "What’s your perfect snapshot of a lazy morning?"

The sun streamed through the windows, flowed across the room, and poured its warmth across my skin. I didn't so much waken, as slide from one dream into another; from a warm ocean of tranquility, to an even warmer ocean of sensation. The heat of the sun on my loins grew in intensity. The beams of light seemed almost liquid as they drenched my cock in waves of passion. 

And then I opened my eyes in time to see you glance up at me.  Your face was filled with silent mirth, and the heat of your mouth outshone the sun.

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Microfantasy Monday - Celtic

At ten, she was working in her mother's market stall in the Punjab, when her beauty and grace caught the eye of a wealthy merchant. With the proper training, he knew she would make a lucrative addition to the harem of the great Kumaragupta, and for a small sum, she became his. He named her Khoshgeli, for her beauty, and for four years she underwent training. Never sullied, but constantly supervised by the greatest erotic masters he could find. Indeed, as knowledge of her grew, clients paid a great deal to be entertained while this slender maiden watched their every action with the rapt attention of her dark eyes. But then came the raids, and the merchant's home was destroyed in by the Hepthalites, and by the time Kumaragupta had driven the nomads back to the Steppes, Khoshgeli was gone from India.