Lisa (Part 1)

People ask if I'm a top or a bottom. They like putting things in categories. I guess it helps them understand the world, and everyone's place in it. But the fact is, it's not that simple. For me it depends on the person. Some people flip my sub switch, others trigger my Dom instincts. It's not something I can describe in a set of rules… it just is. If  you can't deal with that, then don't deal with me.

But when it comes to Lisa (and one way or another, it always does), there is no question at all. I want to own her, body and soul.

I have an extended household. The software industry was good to me, so I can provide for the people I care about. Lisa's the youngest of our family. She dropped out of high school and floated around for a while, but now she's back in school, working on a college degree. I give her room and board, plenty of time to study, and a good set of incentives to do well in school.

Today she came home all excited and perky; she'd done really well on her exam yesterday. When she's happy like that, you'd swear she was a high school cheerleader. She's only 5'2", and she's got the cutest pert little breasts–most people don't believe she's in her 20's. She popped into my office and showed me her grade, and I couldn't help but smile.

"Excellent! All that studying really paid off! What have you got to work on now?"

"Nothing! Professor Arness is out next week, so I don't have another test until Thursday. I'm all caught up on homework. I figured I'd go catch up on some TiVo."

"TiVo can wait… Come here."

Her eyes widened as the tone of my voice changed, and her breath caught for a second. Her smile changed too, no longer quite so high schoolish, it now held a hint of far more adult, anticipation. She walked up to my chair, and at gesture, knelt in front of me.

"You've done really well this week. I think you should be rewarded."

I lifted her chin up, lowered my face to hers, and gently sucked her lips into my mouth. Her breath caught again, as she inhaled through her nose. I reached down and pinched it closed with one hand, put the other behind her head, under her schoolgirl pig tails, and thrust my tongue into her mouth, ran it across her teeth, and deep inside where I played with her tongue. For long moments I ran my tongue inside her lips as her body tightened and her chest grew more tense. But this was just a teaser, she had done well, and she should be rewarded. So I released her, and watched with pleasure how the quick gasp for air thrust out her breasts and flushed her cheeks.

"Go to the playroom. Get ready for me. I have a few more things to do here. When I come, I want to find you locked down to the floor, understand? Hands on the floor clip, legs wide and fastened to the spreader."

"No," I interrupted as she started to speak. "No shower, I want you just the way you are. Sweaty and dirty. Now go! No more words. I'll be there soon."

I turned back to my work as she ran out the door. I had a few more messages to reply to, but with luck I could get it done inside an hour.

To Be Continued…