22 Haikus

I've been posting these Haikus and Senryus on Twitter for a while. It's fun to whip off a little poem that fits in a single tweet. Rather than inundate everyone with one-post-per-poem, I've separated them out by category into General, BDSM and Obscure.


Coyote howling
Waiting to hear an answer
Loneliness to end.

Windshield wipers slap
Car wheels stream with steady hiss
Warm fire awaits me.

Rain on the skylight
brings dreams of home and childhood
Good night and sleep well.

Reality's guilt
Surfaces in my dreaming
A dolphin of angst 

Fall's contest begins
with trees reaching for glory
then baring their souls.

Fall touches my skin,
chill despite the noon day sun,
as you touched my heart.

When the evening falls
And I return from conquests
Will you still be there?

Coyote midnight
Stars scrape against mountaintops
Dusting lakes below


The artist's canvas
anticipates each quick stroke
flinching from the whip.

Her work clothes and cares
set aside for his safe arms
Daddy's Girl is home.

She slides to the floor
Face rent with pleasure and pain
Hunger in her eyes

Hips twist as she squirms
No escape from the crop's sting
Partial suspension

Burning wax droplets
Mold her breasts in warm cocoon
Awaiting rebirth.

Feel "La petite mort".
Feel soul escape and return.

My hands cup your breasts
My body wraps around yours
We have become one.

Waiting nervously
For her masters approval
She kneels before him.

Sunlit nipples rise
Calling for my attention
Late for work again.

Delicate plaything
A gift to be used daily
Daddy's little girl. 

This one is not mine, but was written in response by a friend.

Please Sir I whisper
My body craves your touches
My soul seeks release

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Sleep with squawking cats
Comes hard for the best of us
But try anyway.

Inspired by a tweet from @AislingWeaver

@Mollena's heartthrob
Keeper of her submission

Written when Mollena was getting mushy on Twitter.