As Icarus flew on wax-bound wings
So mine are joined with bonds of love

But your passion so outshines me

That I may plummet, wings undone
And tears will flutter to the sea

3 Haikus

These are just some haikus I wrote recently on twitter, inspired by remittancegirl.

The "Other" House
Fifteen years of life
Bound up in the many rooms
Remnants of my soul.

Lashings dealt with love
Delightful endorphins surge
See pretty bruises?

Winter hid and watched
Baleful eye but loving heart
May he dream in peace.

Winter was a savannah cat (see photos of others, they are amazing) who belonged to @vicka. Abused as a kitten, he was very shy of people, but would approach you if you stayed quiet. He liked to perch high on a desk in the room I'd pass through when making a late night trip to the bathroom—this great big cat, looking like a wild egyptian god, staring down at me—scared me more than once! He was diagnosed with cancer a few days ago and she had him put to sleep.