Steps Through Shadows, Rain Falls

This was my July 10th entry into @SensualStories #Journaling Game. You can see the original post on her web site. People on Twitter submit phrases, which she posts. Then anyone who feels inclined can write a short piece using one of the phrases. The stories are posted on her website for comment. Most, but not all, the stories are somewhat erotic, but it's a great writing exercise, especially if you're trying to get back into the flow of writing stories. The phrase was, "theres a shadow just behind me, shrouding every step I take", from "Sober" by Tool, submitted by @purplehayz.

The rain fell softly on the leaves above me. Nature’s odd hold on time still left a few minutes respite before they reached the forest floor. Later, when the clouds had moved on, an echo of the rain would continue to fall in the shadow of the great trees. It was late afternoon, but here in the forest it was twilight already. The edges of my world were indistinct and ghostly. The daylight birds had gone quiet with the rain and the dusk. The nighttime peepers were still silent. I paused for a moment, but nothing interrupted the quiet drops on the canopy above. I moved forward once more, but I could feel it as much as see it. There was a shadow just behind me, shrouding every step I took.